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Day after day, we are working on making your experience here at Dubai Sports City more practical and efficient. Whether it’s events that we host, developments that we create, or new sports initiatives that we’ve introduced.

Now, it’s time to take it a step further. Because it’s quite simple: 

You can’t have Sports without a City, and you can’t have a City without a Community!

We’re happy to announce the launch of Dynamix, Dubai Sports City’s Community Engagement Department. Not only have we listened to what you have to say about general improvements that need to be addressed around our development, but we’ve also listened to what you didn’t say about how we can make this a better community to live in.

We are moving into a new era for Dubai Sports City:

From ‘Floor Plan’ to Family’,
From ‘Team Sport’ to ‘Team Spirit’,
And, most importantly…

From ‘Urban Development’ to ‘Society!’

Dynamix has commenced with the research and development of several exciting initiatives to introduce to our community lifestyle. From more green spaces to events, we seek to work proactively together on making life here more vibrant, moving away from our responsibilities of being a typical master developer. We recognize the value of community, and we wish only to hold hands and make it better for all of us.

We hope that you will join us on this new path. After all: 
You can change your community, or you can change how you engage with it!





Ekaterina is a certified yoga instructor with 500 hours of yoga training. Within her classes, she always offers a place of stillness, where you can focus on a combination of breath and asanas. Through intention, movement, breath, and meditating state, the goal is to have students leave each class feeling refreshed and renewed. She teaches in a way that provokes meaning, letting students experience for themselves through inner guidance. She sets a calm setting, a place of no judgment, where students practice linking their body, mind & soul connection. Her class is a gentle practice and can easily be progressed for anyone who is looking for deeper connection within themself. It is taught in a relaxed style and will leave students feeling calm and rejuvenated.



Getting Here:

Please follow the directions on the below featured map.

Our Address:

Dubai Sports City

The Els Club


+971 4 425 1111

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